Home Sweet Home from 2nd Operation:)

Lol… no more hair and recover fast, SGH is the best?    

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Gardens By The Bay 2016

Happy moment with my family:) Family are my Forever Love! Singapore is a Beautiful Garden City! Thanks to All Our Pioneer Citizens! Happy Chinese New Year!           

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Why dating is getting harder? (and what you can do about it)

If you’ve been looking for love for a while, you’ve probably noticed that dating is no longer how it was 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago. I remember the first time a friend of mine tried online dating, way back when it was considered something only a desperado would do, and even though…

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Merry Christmas:)

          I just want to go home when I am in this conditions. Only Family Can Be Forever Love:)      

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What’s a REIA?

Have you joined your local REIA yet? What is a REIA you ask? It’s your local Real Estate Investment Association, also called a real estate investment club. It’s probably the best bargain you’ll ever find for learning real estate investing. I’m lucky, in my area there are two REAIs, and both are very active. I’m…

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Getting Well

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Unbelievable Moments

After my operation I realise life is unpredictable, I don’t know anything when I lost conscious, the doctors said I only have 50% to be alive if I don’t operate… Now I know my family love me, I don’t have to worry I will be all alone one day…. Thanks for  all the love and support to…

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Life Changing Moments!!!

If we just do what we are doing now, will there be any difference as what we will be in another 5 years later? Hang around with people that makes changes in their life and making changes on others life, you will see changes in your life too!!!

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May the lost be in the good hand of God…

    Sad to hear all the accident happen around the world, specially the Sabah earthquake and Chain cruise ship that capsized, hope God will bring  peace and strange to all the family and friends of the lost one… May the lost be in the good hand of God…

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Happy Mother Day:)

There are times I am not a good daughter, there are times I upset you, there are times I disappoint you, but I know you are the ones that will not give up on me, and always forgive and forget about what I did wrong, thanks for all your unconscious love, I will make you…

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